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Moore County, North Carolina considers itself a 'sports and recreation sanctuary in today's world'.  Found in the south-central portion of the state, the county's terrain of tall pine trres growing in sandy soil, combined with hills rising to 600-foot elevation, give it the name of the Sandhills Region.  Known as North Carolina's home of golf, this lovely area is also excellent horse country.  Mountains rise to the west of Moore County, protecting it from harsh weather, providing a much drier and milder climate than surrounding regions, creating the perfect environment for outdoor enthusiasts and sportsmen.

According to Census 2000 data, Moore County's population was close to 75,000, scattered through eleven incorporated towns and villages, with Carthage as the county seat.  Almost six million people live within a 100-mile radius of Moore County.  The state capital of Raleigh and the internationally known Research Triangle Park are an hour's drive, while the huge metropolitan areas of Charlotte, Fayetteville, Winston-Salem and Greensboro all lie within two hour's drive.  The county covers almost 700 square miles of land, with a fine transportation system providing easy access.

Most of Moore County's economy was agriculturally based until the 1870's, when the railroad came through and the region began to develop commercially.  Recognizing the blessings of the gentle winter climate, the town of Shaw's Ridge became the first resort town, with Northerners flocking to it, escaping the winter blizzards.  In 1895, the village of Pinehurst followed suit.  Today, the Pinehurst Resorts are internationally known for their top-notch golf courses, and recognized as the world largest golf resort.  The neighboring towns of Aberdeen and Southern Pines create a golf-lover's triangle, with more than forty-five courses scattered through the three towns. 

This region is also the training ground for Olympic bicycle teams, as well as for racehorses.   Many equestrian competitions and exhibits are held here.  For a different type of racing, Moore County residents take a quick trip twenty miles south of the county border to the North Carolina Speedway, home to Nascar racing and other motor events.

Foxfire Village is a tiny community of less than 500 residents, just a few miles from Pinehurst, a lovely place with fine homes nestling among the tall pines.  Other small towns are Cameron, Taylortown, Pine Bluff and Robbins, the hometown of the 2004 Vice-Presidential candidate John Edwards.  The village of Whispering Pines contains six glimmering lakes and three championship golf courses.  

Moore County's marvelous climate creates Paradise for gardeners and farmers alike.  Agriculture combines with tourism to form a solid economy for the region.  Residents enjoy the fresh produce offered at u-pick farms and quaint roadside stands.  Corn, beans, pepper and succulent red tomatoes make for colorful displays, and the summer fruits include strawberries, blueberries, blackberries as well as luscious peaches and pears.

Moore County, North Carolina is a marvelous place to visit, retire or consider for relocation.  With its proximity to the thriving metro areas that surround it, Monroe County is an excellent location to build a new business or a family.